Bird List as of December 2015

We have counted 82 species within our property since we started the list in 2012. Two of these were “heard only” –  Red-bellied Pitta and White-browed Shama. We hear the Red-bellied frequently and our caretaker Picio has seen it.

note: this list has been updated since I first published it because there were a few birds that I forgot to add to the list and Tonji saw one of the “heard-only” birds! Continue reading “Bird List as of December 2015”

The Best Seat In the House

At first glance birds and humans seem very different from each other. Birds have wings, feathers, and bills. People don’t. But if you go beyond the differences in appearance, you will find that birds and humans have a great deal in common. Continue reading “The Best Seat In the House”

More Birds on the Farm

We are now at 77 bird species at the farm! We have seen 3 new bird species since I posted my farm bird list. Tonji saw 2 Stripe-headed Rhabdornis while he was showing Romy Ocon the Father of Philippine bird photography around the farm. That same weekend we also saw a Grey Wagtail, and several Japanese Leaf Warblers. Continue reading “More Birds on the Farm”