Flowering Plants

So many things are flowering! It’s a good time to revisit Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel. I could not understand this book when I bought it years ago. I recently brought it out again and find it easier to understand now that I am sketching the plants. Most of the keys use flowers to ID the plant.

Suob Kabayo


The weather is great for walking around in the late afternoon with Momo and Barkley and my sketchbook. It’s a good idea to let them run around at the start of the walk and then do my sketching while they’re resting!


It was great  to see Barkley so full of energy. Earlier this year, I noticed that Barkley couldn’t walk as far as he used to walk. We finally figured out that there was a problem with his teeth. So sad, his teeth must have hurt a lot. The vet removed 3 teeth and now he’s full of energy again.


One of the first seedlings we planted are the Malabulak (Bombax ceiba) we received from Dr. Ed Gomez. He brought in a lot of seedlings to plant in our village, but the village never got around to planting them. So he gave them to us instead.

Malabulak sheds its leaves every year even as seedlings. It’s very stressful to see the seedling you planted standing completely bare-headed and looking exactly like a dead stick.

This year we noticed something new! The Malabulak is taking on a new, more adult form. It has branches! The green stems growing from the trunk are now brown and woody!