Basic Botany – Learn the Lingo!

If you want to get a good grasp of a new subject matter, you have to learn the lingo. This applies to many many fields. It helps to know cooking terms when you’re learning how to cook.  Or art terms when you’re learning how to draw. Botany has its own special vocabulary.  Continue reading “Basic Botany – Learn the Lingo!”

Naming the Wildflowers, Even the Obscure Ones

I’ve made some progress on the plant-identification front! Yipee! One of my farm goals is to know the names of all the plants growing on the farm, even the weeds and wildflowers. This has turned out to be more fun and interesting than I expected. Continue reading “Naming the Wildflowers, Even the Obscure Ones”

Why I Always Bring a Camera

I have an old trusty pocket camera, a Lumix LX5, that I always bring with me to the farm. You never know what is going to surprise you when you’re walking about .. so you might as well bring a small camera just in case! For me, nothing beats the ease and speed of a good point and shoot. Continue reading “Why I Always Bring a Camera”