Let it Rain!

It’s great when it rains because that means we can plant trees and the ponds are filling up with water! We also end up stuck in the house, but that’s ok.

Things to Do When It’s Raining:

Sit around and sketch.

August 2016

Check the horses.

Tippy came in ahead of Takoy as it was about to rain. He called out for Takoy. A few minutes later, Takoy came running in.

Another favorite stay at home activity — cut Momo’s hair! Best done on a dry and windy day so that the fur can blow into the grass. I’m hoping the birds are using Momo’s fur as nesting material.

July 2016, not a rainy day
July 2016, not a rainy day

5 thoughts on “Let it Rain!”

    1. Thank you Sandy! I’m really enjoying this nature journaling thing. I was keeping a separate farm notebook with notes and a sketchbook. Now I’ve combined the two! It makes more sense.

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