Philippine Teak

We have 3 Philippine Teak seedlings! Yey!! They were given to us by our neighbor Dr. Ed Gomez. They came from the beautiful tree that he planted at the back of the U.P. Diliman Marine Science Institute compound. The tree is featured in the book Shades of Majesty 88 Philippine Native Trees.

Philippine Teak
Tectona philippinensis
Family: Lamiaceae
endemic to the Philippines
medium sized tree, up to 20 meters
local name: Malabayabas
reference: Shades of Majesty 88 Philippine Native Trees

The forests of Batangas were once full of Philippine Teak. The tree was known for its lumber. It was used for posts in constructing houses. During the Spanish times, it was used to build galleons.

Today it is one of the most endangered trees in the Philippines. It can still be found in the limestone forests of Batangas (San Juan, Lobo, and Nasugbu) and in Occidental Mindoro (Iling Island).

Dr. Gomez said that these were the biggest of the wildings they collected. Please send positive growing vibes to our 3 seedlings!

9 thoughts on “Philippine Teak”

  1. hello po!! do they grow better in acidic or basic soil po? I need it for an assignment- thank you in advance po :)))

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