More Tree Planting

We had an unseasonably sunny spell! So, these little babies were on hold. No planting first until it rains more. Tonji says there is a short La Niña and that it should start raining again soon. Crossing fingers. Everything looks nice and lush though.

Kulis, Kalabuyo, and Wayang
Kulis, Kalabuyo, and Wayang, August 2016

We received 55 seeds in August 2015 from Mang Ed. The seedlings look so small, I don’t know why Tonji wants to plant them. I asked Ruel our caretaker why we were planting the small ones. He said so they’ll grow. Hmm, makes sense, I guess.

We had 303 seeds in August 2015 from Mang Ed. Looks like a lot of them didn’t survive. We only have 20 seedlings to plant! Is this right?

We had 56 seeds in October 2015, also from Mang Ed.

Apitong .. that fuzzy thing looks, I don’t know!

In August 2015, Mang Ed brought seeds from 2 kinds of Apitong: the one with big leaves (205 pcs) and the one with small leaves (105). We have 30 of the small leave Apitong to plant, but I still have to label them. This is the big leaves Apitong.


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