A Bucket List for My Dog Momo

I love to look at pictures of peoples’ dogs. Pictures of kids — they’re ok. Artistically shot photos of a gourmet meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant — ho-hum. Vacation snapshots — it depends. But show me a picture of a dog and you’ve got my attention. If said dog is hiking, swimming, riding a motorcycle or just doing anything fun and interesting — even better! Continue reading “A Bucket List for My Dog Momo”

Mission Statement for the Farm

I had this idea that buying a farm meant embracing a simpler sort of life, being more attuned to nature, and being detached from the goods and glitz of the city. Yet even before we signed the deed of sale on our farm, we found ourselves in the middle of a shopping frenzy. We bought: cowboy boots, cowboy clothes (Wrangler! Levis!), doggie seat belts, horsemanship books and dvds, horse training gear, hats, and sunglasses. Continue reading “Mission Statement for the Farm”