The Day All the To Dos Got Done

Last Thursday was a significant day. I ran out of To Dos! The past few months have felt like some kind of juggling act. There were all these new and very time-consuming activities that I just added to my regular roster of activities. I had a long and daunting list of chores and tasks that didn’t look like they’d ever get done. And then, one day they did get done. Even the long and complicated ones!

I attribute it to Trello! Continue reading “The Day All the To Dos Got Done”

I’ve Got Worms!

Back in college, I was one of those skinny people who ate a lot. My friends could not figure out how I could eat so much and still stay so skinny. This was ages ago, before “high metabolism” became a buzz word. One of them said, “You probably have worms.” And it stuck. My friends mentioned the worms thing so often Continue reading “I’ve Got Worms!”

3 Levels of Frustration in Bird Photography

When I’m not at the farm, I’m out taking pictures of birds. I love taking pictures of birds, especially Philippine birds. It’s incredibly fun and challenging. It can also be incredibly frustrating when you don’t get the shot you’re after.

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The Fast Diet: Book Summary

What’s a diet got to do with my farm? I used to worry about whether farming is fattening. I even wrote about it in my post “Is Farming as Fattening as Birdwatching”. Well, now I’ve found a solution! Continue reading “The Fast Diet: Book Summary”