How To Find Your Passion — My Theory

It’s been said before that one of the keys to being happy is doing things you are passionate about. But that’s always been the hardest part. How do you find the thing that you are passionate about? What if you are not one of those lucky ones who found their passion early in life and pursued it with a focused single mindedness? Continue reading “How To Find Your Passion — My Theory”

How to Make a Durable and Adjustable Tree Tag

To tag or not to tag, that is the question. At first I thought I would rely on my memory, ID skills, and a written planting chart to keep track of the trees planted at the farm. I thought tree tags looked too messy. They can also break, fall off, get lost, get eaten up by the tree as it grows, or choke the tree if they are too tight. Continue reading “How to Make a Durable and Adjustable Tree Tag”

Basic Botany – Learn the Lingo!

If you want to get a good grasp of a new subject matter, you have to learn the lingo. This applies to many many fields. It helps to know cooking terms when you’re learning how to cook.  Or art terms when you’re learning how to draw. Botany has its own special vocabulary.  Continue reading “Basic Botany – Learn the Lingo!”

Do You Know Where Your Charcoal Came From?

I can no longer look at barbecue the same way. It is entirely possible that I’ve eaten barbecue that was cooked over charcoal that was made from a tree that was growing in my farm before it was my farm. And now that I’m trying to replace that tree and all the other trees that used to grow there,  I realize that what took a minute to cut down will take a lifetime to replace. Continue reading “Do You Know Where Your Charcoal Came From?”