The Day All the To Dos Got Done

Last Thursday was a significant day. I ran out of To Dos! The past few months have felt like some kind of juggling act. There were all these new and very time-consuming activities that I just added to my regular roster of activities. I had a long and daunting list of chores and tasks that didn’t look like they’d ever get done. And then, one day they did get done. Even the long and complicated ones!

I attribute it to Trello! Continue reading “The Day All the To Dos Got Done”

Horses, I Have Grossly Underestimated You!

When the only horses you have met are riding school horses and for-hire ponies, you get a very skewed picture of what a horse is like. You look at things like height, color, and how well they move. What a pleasant surprise to find out that horses are so much more Continue reading “Horses, I Have Grossly Underestimated You!”

I’ve Got Worms!

Back in college, I was one of those skinny people who ate a lot. My friends could not figure out how I could eat so much and still stay so skinny. This was ages ago, before “high metabolism” became a buzz word. One of them said, “You probably have worms.” And it stuck. My friends mentioned the worms thing so often Continue reading “I’ve Got Worms!”

Photo Gallery of Trees and Shrubs

This is a photo gallery of the trees and shrubs we have found growing in the farm, plus the ones we planted.
When you click on the caption, you will see a full-screen photo of the plant. If you want to read more about that plant or see more pictures, click on the caption underneath the photo. You will be brought to a that plant’s page.