Why I Always Bring a Camera

I have an old trusty pocket camera, a Lumix LX5, that I always bring with me to the farm. You never know what is going to surprise you when you’re walking about .. so you might as well bring a small camera just in case! For me, nothing beats the ease and speed of a good point and shoot. Continue reading “Why I Always Bring a Camera”

Momo’s New and Improved Farm Haircut!

Now that Momo is a farm dog, he needs a great farm haircut. When we first got Momo, I thought he was a Long-haired Dachshund. For the first few months, I kept waiting for his coat to get longer and silkier. Instead, it just got curlier and curlier. After a while, I realized that Momo is probably some sort of fluffy Wire-haired Dachshund. Continue reading “Momo’s New and Improved Farm Haircut!”

The Trees Planted So Far — November 2012

The title is actually a misnomer. It should be “The Future Trees Planted So Far” because what we are planting are not yet trees.  A tree has a trunk taller than 2 meters and would need to be balled out. Continue reading “The Trees Planted So Far — November 2012”

Our First Tree Planting Site at the Farm

For our first attempt at tree planting at the farm, we chose a long strip of land right by our entrance that is flanked by a big field and a path on one long end and a dry stream bed on the other long end.  It seemed like a good idea to plant there since it is near our entrance we can check up on it often. Continue reading “Our First Tree Planting Site at the Farm”