Momo’s New and Improved Farm Haircut!

Now that Momo is a farm dog, he needs a great farm haircut. When we first got Momo, I thought he was a Long-haired Dachshund. For the first few months, I kept waiting for his coat to get longer and silkier. Instead, it just got curlier and curlier. After a while, I realized that Momo is probably some sort of fluffy Wire-haired Dachshund. Continue reading “Momo’s New and Improved Farm Haircut!”

The Trees Planted So Far — November 2012

The title is actually a misnomer. It should be “The Future Trees Planted So Far” because what we are planting are not yet trees.  A tree has a trunk taller than 2 meters and would need to be balled out. Continue reading “The Trees Planted So Far — November 2012”

Our First Tree Planting Site at the Farm

For our first attempt at tree planting at the farm, we chose a long strip of land right by our entrance that is flanked by a big field and a path on one long end and a dry stream bed on the other long end.  It seemed like a good idea to plant there since it is near our entrance we can check up on it often. Continue reading “Our First Tree Planting Site at the Farm”

The New Farm Dogs

I really wanted the whole dogs on the farm idea to work. Momo and Barkley are great house dogs. They sleep in our room, love to play fetch and hide and seek, and they’re somewhat well-behaved during their daily afternoon walk.  When they’re off leash, Momo’s recall is pretty good. Barkley’s is just ok. But what would happen at the farm? Continue reading “The New Farm Dogs”