Fruits and Blooms

I cannot wait until the farm cottage is done! Then I can spend days at the farm, instead of just hours. Right now I feel like I am just grabbing glimpses of  the farm.  I walk around and get surprised that things are blooming and growing.

We had to clear an area for the paddock and found the Guava trees in bloom.

Guava flower

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The Ones That Didn’t Work Out

This is somewhat related to my previous post called Looking Forward where I wrote about a few things I’m looking forward to doing on the farm. This is a list of ideas for the farm that we’ve had to ditch because we realized that they wouldn’t work out. Continue reading “The Ones That Didn’t Work Out”

How to Make a Wild Bird Sanctuary at the Farm

I know that if I look deep into the darkest corners of my heart, there is a part that hears the words “wildlife sanctuary” and thinks this: Continue reading “How to Make a Wild Bird Sanctuary at the Farm”