Mystery of the Scattered Feathers

We were checking out one of the fields when we came across a sad sight. Lots and lots of feathers strewn all over the grass. We were in the field where the owls are often seen and these were owl feathers. There were small, downy feathers on top of clumps of grass. There were a few big feathers. But there was no blood or any owl body parts. Continue reading “Mystery of the Scattered Feathers”

First Owl Pellet! What Not To Do

Franco found the first owl pellet on the farm! Owl pellets are NOT poop. Owls swallow their prey either whole or in large chunks. Since they don’t have teeth, they don’t chew their food. Instead,  their food is slowly digested in their stomachs. Owl pellets are the hard, undigested bits from an owl’s meal Continue reading “First Owl Pellet! What Not To Do”

Crochet and Video Games. Things I Learned in My Crochet Bubble.

When I moved into my own house, it sparked a creative frenzy. I had all these blank walls that needed paintings. So I painted! I had painting classes and different painting groups. Soon my walls started to fill up. Then I ran out of walls and sort of lost my drive to paint. Continue reading “Crochet and Video Games. Things I Learned in My Crochet Bubble.”