Tree Planting 2016

It’s rainy season, time to plant the seedlings! These were grown from seeds that were planted in October 2015. They are the biggest of the seedlings we have growing in the tree nursery. A lot of the seedlings have grown so robustly that their tap roots have struck out of the bag and are growing into the soil of the nursery floor.  Uh oh, we will have to do some careful digging to get them out of the nursery.


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We’re Doing Ok!

How many trees have we planted so far?

In 2012 we planted 238 trees. There may have been a few  more that slipped through my official list. We bought most of these trees, but a few were given by friends. Our biggest donor was our neighbor back home who gave us 40 Malabulak! Continue reading “We’re Doing Ok!”

Befores and Afters

There’s nothing like seeing before and after photos before the year ends to reassure you that yes, progress is being made! Sometimes I tend to just focus on the things that still need to be fixed or improved. Continue reading “Befores and Afters”