The Farm Bird List

I get excited by a good list. While it’s fun to tick off items from a checklist, a good list can be much more than that. One of my favorites of all my lists is my Bird List. Most birdwatchers keep some sort of bird list. The most usual one is the life list. A typical life list is a cumulative list of all the birds a birdwatcher has seen and identified in the wild. Captive or dead birds usually don’t count for life lists. Continue reading “The Farm Bird List”

Is Farming as Fattening as Birdwatching?

Birdwatching is surprisingly fattening! You wouldn’t think so by the looks of it. Yes it’s not quite a sport, but hey — you’re outdoors! Depending on where you bird, there’s usually a lot of walking to birding spots and and hiking through trails, Continue reading “Is Farming as Fattening as Birdwatching?”

My Plant Catalog Project

Several years ago, I saw pictures of a book that a friend made for her Mom’s birthday. It was a book of photos of every plant in her mother’s garden. The pictures were beautiful, lots of plants with colorful and showy flowers. But what amazed me the most was that she named each and every plant! She knew their common and scientific names! I thought that was just one of the most amazing things to know the names of so many different plants. Continue reading “My Plant Catalog Project”