My Plant Catalog Project

Several years ago, I saw pictures of a book that a friend made for her Mom’s birthday. It was a book of photos of every plant in her mother’s garden. The pictures were beautiful, lots of plants with colorful and showy flowers. But what amazed me the most was that she named each and every plant! She knew their common and scientific names! I thought that was just one of the most amazing things to know the names of so many different plants. Continue reading “My Plant Catalog Project”

A Bucket List for My Dog Momo

I love to look at pictures of peoples’ dogs. Pictures of kids — they’re ok. Artistically shot photos of a gourmet meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant — ho-hum. Vacation snapshots — it depends. But show me a picture of a dog and you’ve got my attention. If said dog is hiking, swimming, riding a motorcycle or just doing anything fun and interesting — even better! Continue reading “A Bucket List for My Dog Momo”